Tips to Finding Quality Wooden Furniture

Tips to Finding Quality Wooden Furniture Tips to Finding Quality Wooden Furniture To find high quality wooden furniture you must check for its wood source, craftsmanship and finish. Hardwood furniture is an ideal choice followed by softwood that requires greater maintenance and plywood. The furniture should be well-crafted with respect to joints and sturdiness. The item must also be finished properly to enhance its overall appeal.

When it comes to furniture, there is nothing like wood to make it look timeless. Wooden furniture will never go out of style no matter what the advantages of metallic and plastic ones are and regardless of the increasing costs of wooden materials. Wooden furniture are crafted from different woods like cedar, oak and teak to name a few that are also crafted and finished differently. If you want to buy top-notch wooden furniture among the myriad varieties available, you can take help from the following few tips.

How to buy Quality Wooden Furniture

When you are on the hunt for good quality wooden furniture there are three main things that you must look for in the items- material, craftsmanship and finish. Wooden furniture is typically made from three wood sources namely, hardwood, softwood and engineered. Probably the best quality furniture is made out of hardwood such as oak, teak, maple, mahogany, walnut, cherry and birch. These woods are bereft of moisture, extremely long lasting and have a very good appeal.

This is not to say that furniture made from softwood like pine, redwood and cedar are not of good quality, but they tend to scratch and dent more easily and hence become high-maintenance. Between the three kinds of wood sources, engineered woods are the most common today as they do offer sturdiness and durability. However, furniture made from these can be considered high-quality only if they come with excellent veneers.

In addition to wood source, you must also look for craftsmanship when buying wooden furniture. Check the joinery and sturdiness of the piece that are good indicators of furniture quality. Also, see if the hardware is strong, hinges work smoothly, drawers glide effortlessly, doors shut flushed, stoppers are in place and note if the unexposed parts of the furniture are also sanded.

Further, ensure that the furniture article is finished properly. Check if the edges are rounded and the surface is smooth, free of patches and bubbles and is sanded even at the back and undersides. Do not purchase furniture that has scratches, dents, dust specks and dull spots as these indicate an improperly finished product. It is a good idea to inspect the wood finish from different angles to ensure that your choice of furniture passes the quality test with flying colors.

If the furniture item you are looking at satisfies all these points, then know that you are on the verge of making a top-quality buy that is worth every dime spent on it.

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