Different Types of Leather Furniture

Different Types of Leather Furniture Different Types of Leather FurnitureFurniture made from leathers is the hot favorite for home or office furnishing. There are different kinds of leather available which governed the type of the leather furniture. These most commonly found types of leather are top grain, aniline finish, semi-aniline finish, split, nubuck, pull-up and matching leather. These variants of leather vary in their quality grades, comfort levels, durability, and softness and price too.

Leather furniture is slowly and steadily becoming the new favorite amongst the masses worldwide. However, buying leather-based furniture can sometimes be a herculean task as there are plenty of options to choose from along with the varying price points. The leather used in the manufacturing processes of the furniture is of varied types and come in different grades of quality. Buying the most pricy leather furniture doesn’t really guarantees the best and the most durable piece. You need to be a very knowledgeable shopper to get the best possible deal and leather furniture which is not only of high quality, but also is very comfortable, good looking and long lasting too.

The name of the leather-type itself signifies the kind of the furniture. There are seven basic types of leather available now-a-days and they are:-

  1. Top grain leather furniture:-The top grain leather is derived from the upper skin layers of the animals. It is the top grade leather with superior durability and supple features. Being the best in quality makes it an expensive choice too.
  2. Aniline Finish leather furniture:-This type of leather is obtained after repairing the imperfections with a single dyeing process along with a little or no buffing at all. This type of leather often accompanies the top grain leathers as it has a natural shine and beautiful looks.
  3. Split leather furniture:-This leather is obtained from the inner skin layers of the animals. This leather is less durable and stiffer than the top grain leather. It is often pierced together too. Dyeing it heavily makes it very stiff but the dyes impart beautiful colors to it too. It is the only option for you if you wish to purchase unusually colored leather furniture.
  4. Nubuck leather furniture:-This is basically tweaked top grain leather wherein the outer surface is either buffed or sanded to give it a velvet-like look and feeling. The nubuck leather is the best in durability and strength after the top grain leather.
  5. Pull-Up leather furniture:-This type of leather is coated with oil or heavy wax on the outer surface to impart an attractive distressed look and feel to it over the time. However, these leathers are susceptible to fading, scratches and may have slippery feel.
  6. Semi-Aniline Finish leather furniture:-The outer surface of this type of leather undergoes a series of chemical treatments and dyeing. This imparts great colors to the leather and protection from stains and wear-and-tear. This leather is a bit stiff and uncomfortable.
  7. Match leather furniture:-This is the lowest grade leather wherein vinyl is used to dye them to impart a matching look and feel. This leather is best suited for those who have a limited budget and do not wish to keep the furniture forever.

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