A Guide to Teakwood Furniture

Teak wood furniture is durable and strong. Its maintenance is also very easy. As it grows old, its color and texture gives a rich appeal. There are many varieties of teak wood furniture.

indonesia furniture1 A Guide to Teakwood Furniture

Teak furniture happens to be an ideal choice to give an additional elegance to your indoor as well as outdoor decor. Teak wood is strong, durable and hard. Teak is yellowish brown to look at. Teak happens to be a very good construction material as it resists the onslaught of termites effectively. Teak wood does not rot. Hence it has been used to build ships since time immemorial. It is also used to make furniture and teak furniture comes in various varieties. There is teak lawn, outdoor furniture, and patio furniture. It is even available in several models that are compatible with lawns, gardens, offices, and homes.


Details of Teakwood Furniture

There are various kinds of garden furniture made of teak wood that are in huge demand. Among the most commonly utilized varieties are garden fences, garden benches, and Adirondack chair. Although patio furniture is not always used outside, it must be made from good material to last longer. Teak happens to be an ideal choice as it is long lasting compared to any other synthetic or natural wood material. If you wish to keep teak furniture in good shape all through its lifetime, there are few things that can be done to guarantee its long life.


Teak products meant for outdoor usage need regular maintenance to last in good shape. Once every three to four months, you can sand the whole furniture down. Then put teak oil over them. This happens to be a conditioning material which maintains the durability of the furniture for long time to come. The application of teak oil will never interfere with your teak wood furniture color. The teak wood color happens to be honey brown initially when bought. As it grows older, the color changes to deep hue to provide an antique, rich look and feel. One more feature is that the teak wood furniture ages gracefully.


Teak furniture maintains its beauty and elegance as years pass by. It requires no chemical treatment to maintain its beauty or strength. It requires no painting or treating with coloring dyes. This wood has a natural honey brown color. You just have to polish its surface to revive its natural glow. Teak guard and teak cleaner may be applied over it once every two years to maintain it. Due to an increase in the demand for the teak furniture, their rates have also gone up. However, there are many options to locate online vendors and physical shops that sell teak furniture at discounted prices.

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