Different Woods That Go Into the Making of Your Furniture

Different Woods That Go Into the Making of Your Furniture1 Different Woods That Go Into the Making of Your FurnitureHard wood is often used to make furniture. Different textures and build qualities decide the type of wood to be used. The purpose of furniture also is a deciding factor. Certain wood varieties are more expensive than others.

Wood is basically divided into two broad sub-divisions known as soft wood and hard wood. Soft wood is derived from evergreen trees such as pine needles. Hard wood come from trees with broader leaves. It is most often used for furniture as they are quite durable and sturdy in nature. But increasingly, soft wood is also being used in the making of furniture.

The other varieties of wood used:

Open-pore wood is used because of their distinctive texture due to their porous nature. During the finishing process of such wood, stains accumulate in the pores making certain areas look darker. Ash, Walnut and Oak are examples of such wood. Walnut is a big time favorite of furniture makers. It is used for making high quality cabins. Oak is the most widely used variety of hard wood.

Maple is another variety of hard wood that is commonly used. Maple is known for its resistance to shocks and is a favorite for usage in bowling alleys. Tight-grained wood is another variety having a tighter grain, they are smooth to touch and take in stains well. Cherry, Alder and Maple are such wood giving trees.

Another variety of wood is Red wood. These give a red tint to your furniture. Cherry and Mahogany are examples. Cherry is cheaper than Mahogany. Mahogany that comes from Caribbean is thought to be of the highest quality. There are also insect-resistant varieties of wood. Teak and Cedar wood are examples.

Teak has natural oil that helps to repel insects and water. This type of a wood is perfect for outdoor purposes. Easy-crafting wood is another type. Exotic wood like lacewood from Australia is used for creating accents. Southern Mexico’s Granadillo can be used to make a wide variety of furniture. Similar is African mahogany from Ghana. Teak comes from both South East Asia and Africa. The true variety is the one from South East Asia. They are extremely heavy, strong and durable.

There are different varieties of soft wood that is used to make furniture. Cedar and Pine are examples and they are easy to work with. Pine also holds humidity better than others. Ash is another variety out of which white ash is more used. They are very hard and heavy. Hickory is another wood, which is one of the heaviest and hardest woods around. There are also more varieties of soft wood like beech, birch, hemlock, fir and spruce.

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